I will never forget the day Tony came up and asked me if I was a personal trainer (it's kind of a running joke that they still, to this day, don't have my photo up on the wall of personal trainers at FAC) and if I had the time to take on any new clients.  Having only recently started my practice at FAC, I had him in for a consult and training session the next day, and began to get a little backstory on him.  He was a talented songwriter and musician that had come to Nashville to produce an EP, and came to me needing a hot body to go with his sizzling stage shows, along with a specific look for upcoming photo shoots that would accompany the album release.  Needless to say, I was very excited to work with someone so driven and goal oriented from day one, and his performance with the weights that day showed me a lot of potential.
     Tony did have past history of working with personal trainers and training with weights, so he was not a novice by any means, but we did have some pretty significant imbalances in the hips and scapula that Tony was receiving regular treatment for when he presented to me, and he was having very significant shoulder and rotator-cuff pain from a very pronounced winged scap bilaterally.  So, we had some work to do.  Tony became very familiar with face pulls, scap pushups, and band pull-aparts, as we changed his pressing form and stretched and strengthened the rotators.  We had a photo shoot date of July 28th for material for the CD release, so we began training five days a week to make some major transformation.
     Tony was also very open to major changes in his diet, and was even willing to try a form of elimination diet, at my suggestion, due to some food allergies and sensitivities that I believed were causing him some intestinal and mucous problems.  We found that he was mildly allergic to both gluten and lactose, and he really stuck to his guns when it came to eliminating them from his diet.  But he felt the power of removing them and then he began to see the difference in his body.
     And now I present Tony's before shot from a trip to the beach prior to moving to Nashville.
And the after taken July 28th.  We started training end of March.  Ridiculous Tony!
     Besides looking incredible, Tony also sounds fantastic on his gritty new album, which can be purchased through the ITunes store! He just released it last Monday, so please let's go and support him!  You can also check him out at his own website, McKeeMuzic.com.  For all of my existing clients, if you purchase his album off ITunes and bring me your receipt I will give you a 10 percent credit towards that day's training session.  And for any of you considering a lifestyle change, I'll credit a free session with your consultation if you bring me a receipt when you meet with me!
    Tony is a talented musician and an animal in the gym.  And he has become a great friend as we've logged many hours out at the park playing disc golf all summer for cardio.  Keep on rockin' brother!  I'm proud to call you my friend!
     I have had the pleasure of working with a group of three very special women that came to me seeking to make a change back in February of this year.  We began working just once a week, and then a couple months in we switched to twice a week.  They were in their 40's and only one of the three had any kind of formal past exercise history, but they all had a strong desire to feel better, and they had each other for support.
     Well, we have certainly come a long way since our first meeting, when one of the three bowed out a little early from the workout.  I wasn't sure what to think, and was a bit concerned she would not come back, but did she ever...  She is now in there deadlifting 155 pounds, squatting 75 pounds, and bench pressing 100 pounds!  You would never guess she's had back surgery.  And she has a tenacity and determination that is second to none, and she continues to shrink out of her clothes because of it!
     Every night we meet I can guarantee that at least one, if not all three, will come fired up, and we sure do have a lot of fun in there for all of the serious work these girls are putting in!  So, the lessons we can learn from this is that training together not only cuts the cost down for their personal training fees, but also brings accountability, support, the spirit of competition, and others to share your goals and successes!  I'm sure they have all become much stronger friends in the process, and I know I have made three strong friends too!  And I mean strong!  Just check out one of them in action.

     As you can see, these girls have made amazing progress, and they sure have turned a lot of heads with their feats of strength, work ethic, and nice form.  They make me proud every single night we meet!
We have had an incredibly exciting summer over here in Franklin Tennessee - getting healthier, stronger, faster and leaner!  I can hardly sleep each night after coming home every day to success story after success story with my clients.  Their feats of strength, changes in body composition, lab results from the docs - every single day at least one of my clients seems to have a breakthrough or success in the gym!  The clients I've had the pleasure of working with over the past few months have made incredible strength and lean body mass gains, while reducing bodyfat and becoming more conditioned, which has really driven me to push myself even harder - they are very inspirational! And one trend we've taken note of  here at Stigletics this summer is the 2 or 3 inches that comes off the belly measurement in the first 6 weeks - it's almost a guarantee no matter how big or small you come to us...  But I'm going to let the pics and video speak for itself!

And then, on a personal level, I competed in my first NPC bodybuilding event, the TN State Bodybuilding Show, which was held on August 13th.  Working with my largest client load ever while trying to train and diet for the show was definitely an experience I'll never forget, and taught me more about my own body than anything I'd ever done previously.  But more about this later.  I'll post some photos from the competition and share some insights from that journey!

I hope everyone else has had a great summer!  I'll have pics and video up soon!