First of all, I want to reiterate how excited I am to bring Stigletics to my home town of Nashville, Tennessee!  This is our first attempt at blogging, and we hope that the information posted herein will give folks guidance and some tools in their arsenal for their own personal journey to better health and feeling great!
     Please feel free to post comments at will, as that will help to generate some healthy discussion on topics concerning the art of fitness, nutrition, and wellness.  We will do our best to update the blog with new content several times a week, and will include links to current articles of interest, musings on training protocols, tips on nutrition and wellness, photos and video, and occasional ranting about the misinformation that can derail your progress and keep you from reaching your goals.
     We hope you enjoy!


12/07/2010 2:01pm

I want to thank Josh for helping me on my weightloss. He has really helped me with nutrition, fitness, and strength training. He is so positive and encouraging. I want so much better things for my life and boy has he helped. I have lost a total 59 lbs and really needed to tone up since I have lots of extra skin. I can already see the results. Thanks so much Josh!!!

12/10/2010 8:42am


Thanks so much for the kind words! We are definitely on the right track!

Josie Jarratt
01/06/2011 7:57pm

trying to type with one finger and computer above my head-broke two bones in foot-still sticking to healthy living program except i can not even get out of bed much yet-hugh is exercising--ok. get ready-his sugar numbers have bottomed-i contacted his endocrinologist for next step on his meds=he was doing 5 insulin shots a day-now he is on one at night-he is going dangerously low so we test more often-he is low even before he starts to walk-i ordered the casein(sp)-great for the before bed-i expect a call from Dr. Fowler at Vandy by tomorrow so he can tell hugh where to go next in cutting more meds-i have had little to no sugar and i keep readindg about bones healing and it is similar to your info-i can see hugh off shots for diabetes before long-it is definitely a mind thing-i think of food differently now-i can not sleep and it is keeping hugh from sleeping-bad-pain is bad-he and i have at least enough knowledge to start-still looking at your site when i am not drugged out-we will never get to your level but we can learn more-i feel so good watching hugh run to tell me his number-this info is priceless to people like us wanting it and useless to those who have tried and tried with incorrect info and given up

i think the LORD meant for us to make it on Christmas.

talk again later-ii want to be ready for pt-today is day 8 from the fall-tomorrow is my bd

josie and hugh


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