Sorry I have not been as active with my blog over the last two weeks, but I have picked up several new clients and have been busy working up my wellness-seminar materials for this Thursday night!  I will resume with my posting on nutrition habits later this evening, I hope.
     I would like to say that I have had two clients with breakthrough months over the course of February, losing over 10 pounds.  In one month!  4-7 pounds would be a more typical loss pattern, but these guys have really worked hard; they really want to make some changes, and when you have a level of great desire and are armed with the tools and knowledge on how to make those changes (Stigletics!), I promise it can happen to you, too.
     Now I imagine you are wondering how they survived such starvation and deprivation, and the ridiculous number of hours they must have put into training this month...  But you don't have to wonder, because I can tell you it was full of great foods and only 3 hour-long weight-training sessions a week, with some extra walking thrown in there.
     One of my clients that has made phenomenal progress over the last month has also been blogging about his journey, and it's very inspiring; I'm hoping he'll let me interview him tomorrow and then share his answers on this site for you!




07/10/2017 1:47am

I always believe in the idea that if you want to change something about yourself, you need to change for the better. Yes, what's the point of changing if it will drag you to something that's not pleasing. Always change for the better. Choose what's best for you, and those things you deserve. Don't settle for what's good if you can have the best!


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