Okay, everyone, so I'm assuming you have been trying to drink more water every day!  Now I'd like to talk about the next habit - breakfast!
     Even when you are lying in bed asleep, your body is still undergoing a host of processes, albeit with much less energy demand than when you are awake.  At some point during the night, your body will have used up any glycogen (sugars) still floating around and will switch over to bodyfat stores, as needed for energy, to keep you living and make sure that you will wake up in the morning.  When you wake up and start moving around, the energy demands are increased and the body will begin to speed back up.  When the body is not fed upon waking, since most people have rock-bottom blood sugar upon waking, it will try to stay in an energy conservation mode, and will slow down metabolic processes to a minimum to compensate for the lack of fuel, or food, in this instance.  If you are trying to lose weight, you want your resting metabolic rate to be as high as possible, so strike one against you if you don't get up and replenish your starving body.  And in my years of nutrition coaching, I have noticed a strong trend in those that desire to lose weight - they skip breakfast!
     Now, since blood sugar is already low, anything you eat is going to cause it to elevate to a more normal range, whether you are eating a carbohydrate source (sugar) or from protein and fat sources.  Since Stigletics is all about controlling blood sugar, most of the time I advise clients to consume some good protein, healthy fats, and a piece of fruit or some fibrous vegetables, instead of the run-of-the-mill high-starch breakfast options that will send your blood sugar skyrocketing and set you up for the inevitable crash and hunger that will hit mid-morning.  So, besides eating your first meal within an hour of waking, it needs to be comprised of some protein so that your body will have the amino acids it needs, plenty of vitamins/antioxidents to get your day started right, and some nice healthy fat sources that will keep your blood sugar level and give you a slow energy dispersion throughout the morning.  If you are going to sit in a desk all morning at work, you do not need any starchy carbohydrates in your breakfast; if you are heading off to the construction site to toil all morning, you could probably use some.

     My two "go-to" breakfasts of choice are:

Omega-3 Eggs, Uncured Turkey bacon, and some vegetables sauteed in a little bit of coconut oil, with a handful of fish oil capsules.  I do my eggs over medium, cook the bacon in the microwave, and the veggies take 3 minutes while the eggs are cooking.  Total time to cook and eat is 10 minutes, and I've got some great protein from the eggs and turkey bacon, tons of vitamins in the veggies and the egg yolks, plenty of fiber in the veggies, and super fat sources in the omega eggs, coconut oil, and fish oil.  When I take my blood sugar after the breakfast, it is still under 100, and it's a LOT of food.  If I have a high energy demand for the day, I'll throw in some black beans, lima beans, or butter beans.  And for those of you that just can't give up the toast, go for a brown-rice loaf of bread found in the gluten-free section of the store.  Still hungry?  Finish it off with a grapefruit, apple, some berries, or comparable fruit choice.


Micellar Casein Protein Smoothie made with 1/2 cup water, 3/4 cup SO unsweetened coconut milk, a container of Kroger's Carbmaster Yogurt, one scoop (23 g) of protein, a couple of berries, and a handful of ice cubes, mixed in the blender.  And, of course, a handful of fish oil!  This breakfast contains incredible proteins from the yogurt and the casein, great fat sources in the coconut milk and the fish oil, and some antioxidants and vitamins in the berries.  This one takes about 3 minutes to blend up, and you can take it with you in the car to work, so this is my superfast super breakfast on the run!  The great thing about the addition of the yogurt, besides the wonderful probiotic cultures, is that you can instantly change the entire flavor of the smoothie depending upon the flavor of yogurt!  It's so delicious it will taste like a dessert treat instead of breakfast, and you have my guarantee that it will keep you satisfied up through lunch time.

     The only time I cut slack with clients on breakfast is if they are getting up to do a bit of morning cardio, which I can guarantee works more effectively for fat loss in a fasted state.  But I do encourage eating immediately after the cardio session.  I'll be touching on this great way to burn fat in a later post.
     Now I would just like to give a short list of breakfast fare that will wreck your blood sugar and body composition, and just end up in the fat cells on your thighs, buttocks, and stomach:  Any and ALL breakfast cereals, cereal bars, donuts, bagels, bread made from gluten, PopTarts, etc.
     So, I challenge everyone to find a great breakfast that fits these parameters, and then make it a priority to get it in as early as possible!


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